Friday, September 01, 2006

Just moved.

Just moved in to Blogger from my old blog page at Pitas, Below, I've migrated the few posts I had on Pitas to Blogger.

I had started the Pitas account way back in March 2001 during my third sem at MACE and put a link to it on my homepage on Geocities. Back then, blogging was still in its infancy, Blogger wasn't even on the scene and I had a lot to study for university exams. So I forgot all about my newly created blog.

Three years later, during my second year of M.Tech at CUSAT , I thought of revamping my Geocities homepage. That’s when I noticed the link to Pitas and I thought, "Why not ditch the static homepage and start blogging?" In the intervening three years, blogging had become hugely popular and Geocities was almost history.

Then, my internship went on to become a job. Amidst 14 hour days and steep learning curves, blogging was put on the back burner once again. Now, a year later, I finally have more time on my hands, and plan to start blogging once again. And I hope to continue blogging; atleast till the next killer app comes along.