Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?

Takeaways from What's one thing you wish you had learned in school?, in no particular order:
  1. To think critically and independently, Philosophy.
  2. Lateral Thinking
  3. Practical experience in solving real life problems
  4. Sex Ed - biological, social, moral aspects of sexuality; McCary's book, alternate sexuality.
  5. The power of Symbol, to open the heart to wonder, compassion, and contemplation
  6. Outdoor and Survival Skills
  7. Human relations for everyday living,
  8. To deal with one’s negative feelings - fear, envy and loneliness etc.
  9. Emotional intelligence and people skills
  10. Communication
  11. Office Politics
  12. Personal finance, Accounting
  13. How to have difficult conversations. Productive conflict management.
  14. Assertiveness
  15. Influence & persuasion - Caldini
  16. The attitude for learning, attitude towards failure - value of failure, learning thru failure.
  17. Emotional robustness, resilience & coping skills , learning to fail
  18. How different disciplines are intertwined and interconnected
  19. How to cook
  20. How to evaluate research
  21. Dance, drama, music, arts
  22. Speed reading
  23. Lucid dreaming
  24. How to apply and go through university
  25. Understanding careers
  26. Sports, games, and sportsmanship
  27. Health, Fitness
  28. How to network properly
  29. Languages - Arabic, Spanish, whatever.
  30. Active listening
  31. Public speaking
  32. Respect
  33. Relaxing
  34. A truer account of history - teach the script not the cast
  35. Nonverbal and paraverbal communication
  36. Exchange program, travel, broaden perspectives.
  37. Learning to learn – effortful study.