Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to cook the perfect microwave Maggi (instant ramen)

If you love Maggi (or any other kind of instant ramen noodles) but hate cooking and cleaning, here is a simple method to cook instant ramen using a microwave oven with just one plate and no mess.

  1. You’ll need a large ceramic dinner plate, a fork, a microwave oven, 2 cups of water and of course Maggi (or any other brand of instant noodles). Note: Using a plate instead of a bowl keeps the liquid from boiling over.
  2. Break the Maggi cake along the fold, then break each piece into two.
  3. Position the four pieces in the plate in a checkered pattern, an empty square region in the center flanked by one of the four pieces on each side. It is very important that you position the Maggi in this manner. It has to do with microwave physics. The penetration depth of microwaves into food is usually less than an inch.
  4. Pour the taste maker into the empty square region in the middle of your plate.
  5. Gently pour one cup of water over the taste-maker.
  6. Microwave on full power for 3 minutes (I use a basic 800W model).
  7. Remove the plate from the microwave. Turn the noodles over and spread it as thin as you can while maintaining the empty space in the middle.
  8. Pour the second cup of water along the edge of the plate. The idea is the push the taste-maker away from the edge.
  9. Now microwave for another 3 minutes. (Adjust the amount of water and the cooking time to suite your taste and microwave model.)
  10. Remove from the microwave. Be careful, the plate will be hot. Use your fork to toss the noodles. Let cool for a minute.
That’s all there is to it. You now have perfect hassle free microwave Maggi.