Thursday, November 16, 2006

On Character

Here is another story.

Story goes like this. Chakochan and his girlfriend Lillykutty are on a romantic cruise in the Lakshwadep Islands. They are software engineers working in Bangalore so they have lots of money to spend. And they know that spending strengthens the economy so they are just doing their patriotic duty. Suddenly a big storm comes up and sinks the ship. Next morning Lillykutty finds herself washed ashore on a lonely beach. She gets up, looks around, and realizes she is marooned on an isolated island. Some time later she comes across two other survivors from the wreak, an old man and a sailor. The sailor is an experienced seaman but he is not a member of the ships crew. Together they find a battered life raft on the other side of the island. The sailor takes a look at it and concludes that it is damaged but he can fix it. Later on in the day Lillykutty, notices some movement on a nearby island. She is very happy when she realizes that there are some survivors on the other island and one of them appears to be our own Chakochan. She can’t wait to be with him again. So she goes to the sailor and requests him to fix the raft. The sailor tells her that he will repair the raft if she will sleep with him tonight. She is disgusted and walks away. But still desperate to get to Chakochan, she goes to the old man and asks him for advice. The old man replies “Follow your heart”. She goes away. Next day we see that the raft is repaired. They all get in the raft and go to the other island. Chackochan and Lillykutty hug each other. She then tells him what happened. He is angry and calls off their relationship. She is heartbroken. Seeing this, a mutual friend of theirs comes up and proposes to her. They live happily ever after.

Now get your friends to rate the 5 characters in the story on a scale of 1 to 5 on the basis of their character. Who is good? Who is bad?

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