Thursday, February 01, 2007

Extra mileage – Stretching the truth.

I don’t have a car. Don’t plan on buying one for as long as I’m in Bangalore. So I wouldn’t know much about what kind of petrol people out here buy. But going by the number of ads on TV, surely someone must be buying all that premium petrol thinking that it’s going to improve mileage. Not that the average Indian motorist gives a damn about energy conservation. The decision to use extra mileage petrol must be driven by monetary considerations. The logic being that the savings from extra mileage should more than compensate for the premium price. Unfortunately for us ordinary folks, things of a scientific nature are seldom so straight forward. The expert opinion on the topic is that unless your engine is designed to benefit from premium petrol, you won’t gain much in either mileage or speed, mileage and speed being the main reasons for using premium petrol. So if you do own a car, think twice before paying a premium for premium petrol.

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