Saturday, October 21, 2006

At Coorg and the Monastery

And then on Saturday night we went to Coorg for a team building exercise. Stayed for two days at the club Mahindra resort. Food was good, though I wouldn’t say it was great. Same goes for the activities that we had to do during the day. The pre-dinner booze party, however, was particularly conductive to the aforementioned objective. Three bottles of Smirnoff, fifteen guys. Dinner was great.

Visited the Tibetan monastery on the way back. Impressive wall paintings. We were just in time for the afternoon prayers. The music was otherworldly, with huge drums, conches, 8 ft long trumpets, around a hundred monks chanting prayers and the fragrance of incense in the air. But we almost got thrown out for making too much noise in one of the temples.

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