Tuesday, October 17, 2006

KRZR craze

After working like crazy for the last year and a half, the Motorola KRZR aka K1 is finally out in the market. Whoever named it sure got it right. Brings to mind the time when Omesh, senior Manoj, G Srini and I sat up till 4 am to release a new feature. And the daily conference calls that Rajeev, Yogesh, Shreyas and I used to have with teams in far away places like Vladivostok, Turin, Hyderabad, Jaguariuna, Libertyville and Nizhny Novgorod. Different timezones, cultures, accents - it was indeed crazy and a good learning experience. And fun too. Still remember the Italian Peugeot ad Ivano sent me, the one in which there is this guy who gets an elephant to sit on his Ambassador to change its shape. Like I said, Crazy!

And so last friday we had a poolside team dinner to celebrate the sucess at the the Gateway on Recedency road. The chicken kabab there is just superb.

For those who are not into all this, K1 is the blue flip phone with the reflective front.
Peugeot is a French car manufacturer. Ambassador is a common car in India, now out of production.
Vladivostok is on the eastern end of Russia near somewhere close to Japan. Turin in Italy is famous for Shroud of Turin kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Hyderabad is of course famous for the Charminar and the biryani. Jaguariúna is in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Libertyville is a village outside Chicago. And Nizhny Novgorod is on the banks of the Volga in Russia. Hope to see these distant lands some day.

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