Sunday, April 08, 2007

Book Summary: Family Happiness

There is something special about sitting outdoors in the shade on a hot summer afternoon. Perhaps only because it brings backs childhood memories of long summer vacations and the bliss of having absolutely nothing to do for the next two months. If that be the reason, so be it. What matters is that it feels good. And with an interesting book to read, it is even better. Makes one want to reconsider going back to spending the afternoon in an air conditioned cubicle.

The book, in this instance, was a collection of short novels by Leo Tolstoy. Its starts with Family Happiness, the story of Masha and Sergei. How they fall in love and get married. And after some time the magic wears off providing space for ego clashes and distrust. And how they fall in love once again, 'a different kind of love' as Sergei puts it.

Tolstoy's mastery over the description of human emotion is plainly evident. And being inspired by his own experience, the story is both very intense and very real and yet universal in its appeal.


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