Monday, April 16, 2007

Which MBA?

A few months back, I was sitting in my office and for some reason I cannot recall at a this moment, it occurred to me that I should go for an MBA. The realization came as a bit of a surprise because until then I had never seriously considered myself to be the management type. But then again, an MBA is more than just about management. Its about other things too. Leadership, for example, and brand and a well connected alumni network. But more about that later.

So I set out to survey what was out there. In India we have the 2-yr MBA at the IIMs, the 1-yr ISB, and then there is the two and a half year weekend MBA at IIM-B. On the international front, there are all the 2-yr US MBAs and 1-yr European and Asian degrees. Since my post-MBA objective is an international career, an international MBA is the obvious winner although a good number of IIM/ISB students do manage to get international placements. So I went hunting for international rankings. Because although finding the right fit is what matters, rankings tell you where to start looking. And this is what I found:

Financial Times
The Wall Street Journal
US News

For one, I realized an international MBA would be a very expensive proposition. And not just in terms of money. Post-MBA salaries weren't significantly higher than what you could get with a graduate degree in technology. But then again, the good news is that the returns are also not just in terms of money.


  1. so wat have u finally decided?...:)

  2. i've decided to seriously consider this option. just starting out... too early to decide on anything else now :)