Friday, May 25, 2007

Global Warming and I

Why do I care about global warming? Because my house is going to get flooded if the sea level keeps rising like this. Thats why!

Kerala does not contribute much to the problem except for some occasional elephant fart. Which is what makes it all the more frustrating. All those industrialized countries caused the problem by pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it is us poor keralites who have to live with the consequences.

But to be fair, its those same countries that have now taken the lead in trying to control global warming. They have put in lot of effort into studying climate change. And the EU has made significant progress towards emissions trading.

Our petty politicians and NGOs still haven't gotten over the pesticides in their Coke. (The pesticides got in the Coke because Coke uses the same ground water that we drink everyday, but nobody seems to care about groundwater pollution!) Guess we'll have to wait till they figure out how take bribes in carbon-credit.

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